Part of the focus of my resolutions this year involved being more mindful and intentional. I’m also looking for chronic pain solutions to integrate into daily life while still being present for my family and my clients. It feels like it’s a fine line to walk, trying to be present and also manage being really uncomfortable.

I was talking to my friend Jill Amery of UrbanMommies about it on Twitter the other day and she referred me to MindWellU. They were kind enough to offer me a spot in their 30 day mindfulness challenge. Even better, they offered 5 spots to my readers, which I thought was really nice of them. Thanks, MindWell-U! I started the challenge today, because “no time like the present” – which is basically one of the whole premises of mindfulness itself. Winning! (Maybe you can’t win at mindfulness. I will let you know when I get to that part.)

Mindfulness: Showing up for your own life 

As a mom, mindfulness is important to me because it feels like my kid is growing up SO FAST. Some days, I feel like I’m missing it. Mindfulness is a way for me to savour the experience of  motherhood in the moment and really enjoy my life. I feel like a lot of times I’m just going through the motions and I’m not always an engaged, active participant in my own life. That needs to change, which is part of why I need to do this. I want to enjoy my clients even more, my partner more and my kid more.  

Some things I can make better, but there are other things I could be maximizing to enjoy the heck out of them being awesome already. I feel like mindfulness is going to be key to finding happiness in my own metaphorical backyard (I live in a condo, so I actually just have a small patio.)

Here is a handy infographic about the MindWell-U challenge:

30 day Mindfulness challenge

You can enter to win a spot here:

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge MindwellU Giveaway


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  1. Mindfulness has been a big part of my life the past year; it saved my life … I was struggling with depression anxiety and panic attacks

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