It can be hard to get the kids outside when you live in “Raincouver.” My friends at Savvymom asked me to assemble a list of the best indoor kids playgrounds in Vancouver. I am definitely team “Let’s Play Inside” because my joints don’t love the cold at all. 

When the weather is keeping you cooped up indoors and the rain, rain won’t go away, there are still lots of options for fun. These indoor play places in the area can keep your kids moving, but out of the rain.

Best Indoor Kids Playgrounds In Vancouver


This indoor beach is tons of fun. 700 metric tons of fun, to be exact. That’s how much sand you’ll find here! There are drop-ins for small children, with times varying through the week. You can even host a birthday party there. It’s like hanging out in a giant sandbox without getting exposed to the elements.


Laser tag, a 24-foot space jungle playground, and rock climbing… oh my! Enjoy three rock climbing walls, plus 7500 square feet and four levels of of laser tag space. You can also have birthday parties here, too. Make sure to bring your socks to play on the playground.


This multi-level indoor jungle gym at Granville Island Market is sure to impress littles—but make sure to bring socks. There’s an “i-Floor” and “i-Wall” where kids can participate in responsive and fun virtual reality games. You’ll also find a ball pit and 2 party rooms for birthday party bliss.


This beautifully designed play space has slides and toys and structures to develop gross and fine motor skills. You can host birthday parties here, or attend classes and workshops. They also have a quiet reading room if all that playing gets to be too much and you need a time out.


This indoor play space is a miniature city where kids can play pretend to their hearts’ content. There are playsets representing stores, restaurants, hospital, a police station as well as climbing play structures and slides. They also have a cafe, which is nice for moms and dads. And you offer birthday parties, night out programming as well as camps and PD day programming.


15,000 square feet of climbing awaits you at the Edge Climbing Centre. Your birthday parties will be safe and fun with a staff ratio of 3:1, which is the highest in the lower mainland. While there isn’t a minimum age, older kids may enjoy the space more than younger kids. Enjoy the party room and let the kids climb the walls instead of just bouncing off of them!


If you’re up for a bit of a drive to the suburbs, Langley-based The Great Escape has a 3 level adventure playground, a 2 level laser tag area, an obstacle course, indoor mini golf, and a toddler zone. They have fun party rooms and food options available to fuel your fun.

Check out these great indoor play spaces for year-round fun, learning and adventures. The fun doesn’t have to stop when it’s rainy and cold outside.

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