My boyfriend likes it hot and often. If he can break a sweat on a regular basis, he’s a happy dude. If he can get hot in the kitchen, even better. Clearly, I’m talking about spicy foods. Whatever you thought I was talking about isn’t really anyone’s business and I don’t blog about it on principle. Also, he won’t let me. Except for that one time

But what he will let me say is that my mister loves hot sauce. The problem is that I am not a very good selector of hot sauces. I think that black pepper is a little bit further on the wild side than my tongue would like to venture. That means I’m pretty inept at picking out cool hot sauces because it all looks flammable to me. Enter Fuego Box hot sauce gifts

Fuego Box is like a hot sauce of the month club, or a subscription service of carefully curated hot sauces that you can have sent to you on a month or quarterly basis, by the bottle or the trio. The nice folks at Fuego Box sent us two boxes to try out, their welcome box and their November box and we are already fans.

What I like about Fuego Box is that they know what is good and I don’t have to try and research what I think he might like. They also include a cute little hot sauce passport so he can log his favourites and I can use that to stock up on what he likes. Also, he gets to pretend to be like a hot sauce sommelier which makes him feel fancy and important as he fills out his tasting notes and flavour profiles. Hot sauce tasting is serious business! 

That said, if you’re looking to make things spicy on a monthly (or quarterly) basis, Fuego Box is a great option worth checking out! Get hot in the kitchen, get hot often and maybe even let someone else pick how hot it gets (without it getting weird.) 

Disclosure: The nice folks at Fuego Box kindly let us try out their sauces, but my integrity cannot be purchased with condiments. My enthusiasm is genuine. 



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