Harry Potter is a timeless franchise, the kind you wish would never end (just like the days when your kid is still super cute and can’t talk yet). J.K. Rowling created a series that is truly magical, just like the experience of raising children. Some parenting moments are more wizard-like than others.

When you first bring your little one home and you have such high hopes for him and who he will become one day.giphy (1)Then your cat meets the new kid and doesn’t share your enthusiasm for the weird, hairless thing that meows too loud and doesn’t clean itself.anigif_enhanced-17131-1452787092-19When you really need a shower but you are also dying for grown up conversation so you throw some dry shampoo in your hair and try to make nice with the neighbours, the post man, ANYONE who doesn’t gurgle exclusively.tumblr_mf5n2cX64n1rbrm08o1_500When your co-parent gets home after a long day and you might get a minute to yourself but you also kind of miss the baby already because HORMONES and mom guilt.giphy (2)When you finally get the baby to sleep and you feel like shouting “TEN POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR!”giphy (3)But you are trying to be REALLY quiet so he doesn’t wake up again.


And then someone rings the doorbell. DOES NOBODY KNOCK ANYMORE?f0ec1350-81b1-0133-6f05-0aecee5a8273

When nobody can pronounce your new baby’s weird hipster name and you start to wonder if you shouldn’t have just stuck with John.tumblr_mugqbyt2mE1s9p5e7o1_500When your kid has colic and decides to start teething all on the same night.giphy (4)When you realize your baby has pooped all the way up his back and down his legs and it’s your turn to change him.114844-harry-potter-go-vomitWhen your baby starts cluster feeding and becomes a bottomless pit for milk.giphy (5)When it’s not actually your turn to get up but you offer anyways and your partner mumbles “Thank you” and just goes back to sleep.tumblr_lvuorzr8S41r7ks0ao1_500When random strangers come up to you and offer advice unsolicited and you really, really do not want to hear it.tumblr_ngspw751ho1sg49umo1_500Harry Potter is a great story, just like the tale of your child’s infancy. He will want to hear it over and over and you will get lost in the misty distant memories with every retelling of the days just after the 9 and 3/4 months you incubated him.

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