It’s back to school so my goals this week have been about getting back to the things I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve been working on my self-care snowball – I’ve changed up my food plan, I’m back to the gym and I’ve booked a doctor’s appointment. I’m booking a manicure and pedicure for this week and I’m sleeping better. It’s pretty blissful except my butt really hurts from working out on a bike. Other than that stuff, I’ve been working on ripping off the bandaid on all the things I’ve been procrastinating on forever and a day! Procrastination is something I struggle with, I argue that it’s because I’m SUCH an optimist. I have so much hope for tomorrow I store mundane tasks there until they fall on my head like things stuffed precariously in a hall closet. 

For me, those mundane tasks are a lot of admin stuff I don’t enjoy doing for myself. I love organizing other people’s stuff but I don’t really enjoy dealing with my own. But I’m doing it. Just like a hard workout, it seems like it is going to take eleventy billion hours but when you actually do it, it really doesn’t take that long. And then it’s over. Like ripping off a bandaid. I can cross some things off my to do list and man, do I feel better. 

Just like my self-care snowball, it’s just one step towards other exciting productivity opportunities. When I check something off the list, I start looking for my next opportunity to get something done. Actually, I start looking for a snack, because I’m adjusting to a new way of eating and pretty much every thought I have that’s not about my business or my family is about what I’m going to eat next. But after that I’m going to conquer the heck out of this day. 

What’s on your to do list and how are you ripping off the bandaid? 


  1. Getting my BC driver’s license, Getting my SIN# restored to active and getting one for my daughter, filing taxes in Canada so I can get money back, finish some online courses that I PAID FOR. To name a few. I’m a world class procrastinator too. Dad calls me Last Minute Liz. On Monday I announced to my family that I was going to get these things done this week, so accountability should help rip off the bandaid. Maybe.

    • alliespins Reply

      I did my taxes too! I still have courses to do. I need to renew my passport and get a new status card. My current life status is “WAS THAT TODAY?”

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