We have been all about trying new things and tonight we went to our first Vancouver Canadians game. When we first talked about going, we were thinking of doing it as a date night, but when our son heard about it he insisted he wanted to come along to a game. We booked a game and it was the best decision we could have made. Liam was so excited he sounded like a whistling kettle. These are the things I loved about our night:


The food was so fun. We had footlong hot dogs, peanuts and crackerjacks. My son had never eaten crackerjacks before so he was really excited about that. He also insisted that he needed a turkey leg and he even finished most of it.


Usually someone in the family needs to get married to have an opportunity to chicken dance. I realized my son was 9 and had never even done the chicken dance before. It was hilarious. We also loved singing along to Sweet Caroline and Take Me Out To The Ball Game. There are so few occasions in life to be truly silly.

The Vibe

Baseball fans are FUN. They are super fun people – strangers become friends hanging out in the grandstands. The vibe of the crowd was electric and enthusiastic. Baseball has passionate fans and they are exciting to hang out with.

Family History

My dad used to hang out at the ball field back when they were called The Mounties. It was cool to share that part of our family’s history with my son.

After the game, we picked out matching hats as a family and then drove home. We had so much fun that my son begged and pleaded for us to come back again tomorrow. I am so excited for when he wakes up in the morning and learns we bought tickets for tomorrow’s game. He’s going to be stoked!

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