My son is pretty social media aware because it’s the field I work in. Because of what I do every day, it’s easy to transition to discussions about responsible social media use. Sometimes it can be hard to discuss topics like this with your kids, because tweens seem to think they know everything. What I find helpful to bring kids into discussions about more sensitive or controversial topics is to watch something on TV and discuss it. Enter Netflix‘s new offering: #Reality High.

Reality High has an engaging story line and it touches on the dangers of social media. It explores the permanence of what we put on the internet, how what we post can impact others, how increased attention can impact lives and even our own personalities and the difficulty of dealing with trolls. It shows how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of popularity and lose sight of yourself. It also shows how easy it is to be mis-cast in someone else’s online drama.  

The online experience is multi-faceted and can be overwhelming for a new user, especially one who isn’t yet fully mature. Reality High is a great way to bring up the possible challenges that come with social media use and as a jumping off point for role playing and creative problem solving discussions. 

It’s a little bit scary thinking about my little boy being out in the world wide web. We still have time before that happens, but I’m nervous just the same. He’s so soft and loving and I hate seeing his feelings hurt. I know it’s part of growing up but for now I’m happy he’s still little enough to sit and watch Netflix with me because I’m still cool in his eyes (or at least not embarrassing yet!)


Disclosure: Netflix provides cool perks to our family in exchange for us sharing out viewing habits and perspectives with you. All opinions are mine. 

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